Combine Internet Speed with Pfsense!

  • Hello,

    Is that possible to combine my 3 ISP internet speed
    *ISP 1 - 20mb DL and 20mb UL
    *ISP 2 - 10mb DL and 10mb UL
    *ISP 3 - 10mb DL and 10mb UL
    is that possible that i get 40mb DL and 40mb UL on my LAN?

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    Yes and no. ;-)
    No because with 3 different pipes you can't have true aggregation, which means a single download thread for example will not get to 40MBps.
    Yes because you will get 40MBps with 3 or more download threads. So in a busy network with a lot of clients this solution will be fine.

    Some ISPs can provide real aggregation with different pipes...but this happens on another 'special' layer and is beyond pfSense or any other Firewall/Router.


  • Thanks for the detailed information.👍

  • Hi. I if it can be split, I think it can be combined as well. You can refer to this:

    Splitting connection redistribution can be done by firewall rules. (Gateway > WAN1 / WAN 2 / WAN 3).

    Then you can combine them by grouping together.

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    @chrispeddler said in Combine Internet Speed with Pfsense!:

    Then you can combine them by grouping together.

    Still it is NOT 3x10=30Mbps or 2x10+1x20Mbps = 40Mbps. People have to understand that outbound WAN loadbalancing will not double/triple/x-tuple their speed depending on their bandwith but will balance multiple clients or client connections over those links to better saturate every one of them. But you can still end up using a line that is saturated ATM as there is not deeper intelligence in outbound routing that detects e.g. link 1 is used 100% so take link 2 or 3.

    Also connections that only does single connections will not gain much speed (if at all) and if your application/client is sensitive to IP address changes that can be a PITA, too.

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