IPsec / ovpns1 interface

  • Hi Everyone.

    I want to setup an ipsec tunnel to pass LDAP between 2 sites.

    According to pfsense manual all the rules for ipsec (UDP 500 4500) are created automatically, unless manually specified not to.

    I have created a pass rule under firewall/rules/ipsec for the remote site but they can't establish a connection.

    I've checked the logs and the packets from the remote site are hitting the ovpns1 interface, and being blocked.


    I get the feeling this should not be the case. Can someone please advise?


  • opvns1 looks like Open VPN not IPSEC.
    If you use IPSEC you should configure firewall rules on the IPSEC interface.
    If you use OpenVPN you should configure firewall rules on the OpenVPN interface.



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