Can I run pfSense without a modem in bridge mode ? (and use the traffic shaper ?)

  • Yeah I know this is stupid but please bare with me
    My previous setup was Router/ADSL-Modem combo machine set up in bridge mode and then PPPoE is configured on pfSense

    This has worked fine but isn't reliable at all, quite a lot of times I would find the WAN down and there is no internet (yes this also happens with router-modem machine but a lot less often (like at least twice a day for for the pfSense setup but max of once a week if it even happens with the combo machine))

    So my current idea is to let the Router/Modem machine be as it is but relay the DHCP to the pfSense and setup the WAN as DHCP or Static IP
    Would this work? and would it let the traffic shaping function correctly?

  • What kind of login does your ISP require?

    pfsense will do PPPoe. Im not sure about PPPoa.

    Who is your ISP?

  • Well they give us a something like an email and password for the subscription
    I know pfSense can do it but for whatever reason the connection just drops it
    And no my ISP doesn't do any other connection methods (I have tried)

  • Netgate Administrator

    Yes you can use a shaper with in a double NAT setup. As long as the shaping on the pfSense interface is more restrictive than anything upstream it should work fine.

    You should be bale to use PPPoE without it dropping out though. I use that here without issues.


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