IPSEC IKEv2/Openvpn not working (no traffic)

  • I recently purchased a Netgate appliance SG-1100 and cannot get the VPN to see any traffic from my LAN side I can ping hosts and access surveillance cameras using browser that's about it. I worked with their tech support, had done extensive testing and even allowed them to connect in to my appliance to no avail.
    I am able to connect to the VPN using iphone and MAC I can ping hosts on LAN side but I cannot connect to them or see any traffic when I do packet capture.
    I have a cable modem with 192 address on a DMZ using that same address as the WAN for pfsense appliance. I have created forwarding rules on my cable modem to forward traffic from ports 500 and 1194 to pfsense 192 address.
    Here are some screenshots:

  • think I found the resolution to my problem using post below.
    Set local Network to and all seems to be fine now


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