Ping spikes and staggering speeds

  • Hello,

    so I recently switched to newer hardware for my pfsense setup. I set everything up by hand without a backup.

    Everything is working fine except for two things:

    • Im missing out on some of my speed. I am paying for 100/40. On my ISP router I am getting 93/30. On pfsense I am getting down 70-80 and up 20-25. The upload i would still consider as fine, but the download speed not. I am directly connected to the pfsense box while testing, same goes for my ISP router while testing. Also the speed via pfsense is staggering it ramps up until 60mbit and then the speed goes up a little slower to 70-80mbit, while the speeds are still falling back to the 60mbit range. Upload speed is always switching between 20-20mbit.

    • I am getting huge ping spikes. It does not matter if I ping google or anything else, the ping will first be at 19-21 and then shoot up to a 50-350 just to go back to the normal 19ms.
      Here is my dns conf

    private-domain: ""
    ssl-upstream: yes
    name: "."
    forward-ssl-upstream: yes

    (Formatting is weird sorry)

    So I tried around a bit, but nothing helped. I tried traffic shaping limiters (bufferbloat), but those didnt help at all and made the upload speed worse (started at 30-40mbit and then would drop rapidly down to 3,5mbit).

    • Mainboard: Supermicro A2SAV-L

    • RAM: 8Gb

    • Storage: 240Gb SSD

    I dont know in which categorie to put this, so I hope it is okay to put it in the general one.
    It is a double NAT situation and the ISP router is a "Digitalisierungsbox" (Deutsche Telekom/ German Telecom).
    I hope someone around can help me with those two problems.
    Thanks in advance.

    EDIT: Both issues are resolved by BIOS/ UEFI reset

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    Well you no longer need to do those options for forwarding.. You can do forwarding right in the gui.

    As to your speeds.. So just pfsense, no packages? Did you setup any limiters? If with only getting 93.. So your gig on your pfsense lan and then only 10/100 to your isp router? 93 seems like a 100mbps interface sort of limit to me.

  • @johnpoz
    93 down is what I am getting from ISP. I am paying for 100/40 and I am getting 93/30 when I am connected to my ISP router, but when I am connected to pfSense I am getting 70-80 down and 20-25 up. Clients on LAN side are all fine. My Windows desktop can download files with gigabit speeds from my nas with ease.

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    And what is the actual physical interface on your isp device you have pfsense connected too?

    And again ask - you have no other packages installed on pfsense - say proxy for example?

  • @johnpoz
    Sorry for my rather not so helpful answere.
    It is connected via a gigabit inteface normal rj45.
    There are not any packages installed.

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