Trying to reach a site via VPN tunnel on an other local ip 192.

  • Hi.
    I manage to setup a VPN tunnel to an other network via Internet.
    Its set up with IpSec.
    Phase: 1
    Remote Gateway
    Phase: 2
    Local subnet:
    Remote subnet:

    If I do
    route add MASK
    it works to ping . But I want to do that direct in pfsense. Is there any way to do that?

  • I assume your pfSense is not the default gateway of network
    This way your hosts will never connect to pfSense until instructed to do so.

    How to do that depends on your network setup.
    In example you could use DHCP, Active Directory Group Policies or a logon script to automatically push the new route to all hosts.

    You could also add a static route on the default gateway.
    This way your hosts will connect to the "wrong" default gateway, but it will routes the packets to the right one.
    Often it will also send and ICMP Redirect message to the hosts to inform them about the "right" router.


  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    If pfSense is not the default gateway of the host that you are adding that route to, then you need the route there. IP Networking 101 and nothing to do with pfSense.

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