Why my limiter does not function correctly

  • Hey guys,hope you doing well. So about 3months back, i set Limiters on my Lan for some IP addresses to run on 5Mbps per Ip address and made a firewall rule after that. They are about 13 ip addresses that set run with each a 5Mbps connection and they all worked fine untill some few days back when suddenly all the ip addresses on the Lan start running at 2Mbps(Even those that were not assigned a limiter), what might be the problem? and kindly provide a solution. Because when i do a speedtest on my ISP router i get about 42Mbps Down and 42Mbps Up but when i run it on the Lan side of my pfsense box with any Ip address i get about 0.98 download and 4.64 up

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