1:1 NAT across IPsec tunnel?

  • Hello,

    I saw this was not supported in the past (3+ years ago) and wanted to see if this is possible in the latest version or if anyone else has been able to get this to work?

    I've done 1:1 host NAT entries before with ASAs and would like to do the same with pfSense. I understand BiNAT works under the phase 2 settings for the entire network but I'd like to NAT multiple 1:1 entries. Setting up at outbound NAT or 1:1 NAT shows the internal IP undergoing NAT but it never traverses the IPsec tunnel.

    Still a no-go with pfSense?

    Thanks for your time!

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    You have to use Phase 2 entries with BINAT. You can make one phase 2 entry per mapping if you must do them individually.

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