Only One remote computer cannot access network through pfSense

  • Background:
      A Sonicwall network
      All remote computers work with Sonicwall (http/https/PPTP)
      Static IP address but no domain name alias
        - access only by direct ip address x.x.x.x

    New installation
      pfSense with http/https/PPTP/ping installed
      All remote computers except one can access internal network over PPTP
      All remote computers except one can access http & https
      The computer in question cannot even ping the router (ping works from all other computers).

    I'm puzzled as to what would cause this scenario.  I reinstalled the Sonicwall and the computer now has access (no changes were made to the remote computer).  Any ideas?


  • I suspect some static missconfiguration on this client pointing to stuff which was only existant in your old setup.
    Aka wrong gateway/DNS server/static route pointing somewhere/subnet/etc.

  • Could also be a software firewall on the client that is silently blocking the outbound connections.

  • The firewall (software) application was turned off at one point in the test with no difference.

    Another (older computer) on the same home network could not ping the pfSense router either… really strange I have to say.


  • Still sounds like an issue local to that home network.  They could have multiple software firewalls, (eww!), or have outbound filtering enabled on their own hardware firewall.  Could also be a routing issue at the ISP etc.  Some traceroutes and packet captures should get it sorted out in short order…

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