PPPoE Password and confirmed password must match!

  • Hello,

    I noticed that when trying to edit an OPT interface it produces the following error.

    PPPoE Password and confirmed password must match!

    Doesn't matter if it's a new install, updated.

    Tested on 2.4.1 and up.

    Any thoughts? Yes I have verified that I didn't have PPPoE enabled anywhere. As I just mentioned, it happens with a fresh install as well, meaning nothing else configured other than WAN/LAN ip's added.

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    Disable autofilling Forms in your browser, or try private mode / use a different browser.


  • That is exactly the issue. It's funny you mentioned this as I was just in the process of opening up another browser and I saw this reply come in.

    It worked. For anyone else that may experience this issue, do as @Rico mentioned. It works.

    Cheers Rico.


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