Apu1c4 unattended reinstall images

  • just got this model home -used, with case and everything.


    but since i dont have a serial cable, i just moved the msata to my current qotom unit and did a install of pfsense.

    now, moving back to this unit didnt make it boot into

    so my question is, is there any finished fresh install images downloable any places ? i can move to the msata and fire up the box ?

    of is it posible to create an unattended image that just reinstall pfsense with correct configuration.

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    Serial cable = $2


  • nope. its 20 dollars with cable in denmark..

    so i solved it in a funnier way..

    what i did was:

    create USB with version 2.5

    plugin keyboard

    4-8 times enter untill the harddrive lights flashs red alot. ( installing )

    waited for about 5 min

    then 2 times enter, to get out out the install process https://docs.netgate.com/pfsense/en/latest/install/installing-pfsense.html

    and pulled the usb stick out.


    The diskLED is flashing red, and the familiar boot sound from the board

    then the funny part.. the auto configuration of the LAN

    3 enter

    3 enter

    And then test the GUI, and it works. Im in.

    changes the setup to:

    WAN re1

    LAN re2

    and turns on telnet/SSH


    SUPER.. no need for serial cable issues..

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