Question about prioritize VOIP asterisk?

  • Hi
    I was wondering if someone could shed some light on QOS for VOIP.
    Currently have WAN 7 download and 3 upload at site 1 which has asterisk pbx (going to change my lSP to 50mb download and 8 upload next month or so)the issue is that the SIP users that are outside of the company get choppy communication. They have a granstream gxp 1610 and with fiber at site 2. I was looking also at the logs of the quality and im getting an average of 1% loss which may or may not be much. So today I gave it a go on Traffic shaping. I went though the wizard and chose the multiple LAN/WAN, and selected HFSC for LAN and WAN with upload 5 and download 7, and checked the prioritize voice over ip traffic, chose my provider asterisk and my pbx IP, gave the upload 1mbit on the WAN and 1mbit on the LAN and just hit next until the end. Well I wast sure how I could test this so I thought I would download a large file which consumes all the WAN and looked at the queues and say drops only on qdefault WAN and drops on qLINK on the LAN, on qvoip saw a few drops while making a call and was choppy the voice. I would have to wait on Monday to see what the users say but is there anything else I could test or try out before Monday?
    Thank you

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