Traffic shaping in 2.0

  • hello…i need help with the shaper in 2.0..i have 1 lan 1 wan and one opt which is a wifi subnet.  I basicly need shaping because i have one address set up to do a lot of bit torrent downloads and 2 xbox's that do xbox main concern is xbox live traffic and decent webspeeds while still being able to download bit torrent.

    i've been able to get it working halfway in 1.2.3 but i can't do anything for the wifi subnet....when i try to use the wizard in 2.0 i get horrible web browsing afterwards......i'm not sure what i'm doing wrong but if i could get some tips that would be great...the shaper seems very different in 2.0 so i'm not sure how many of the tips i've read apply to 2.0.....any help would be much appreciated

  • Wonslung,
      The rules that are created to classify connections don't work quite right yet in 2.0 (In my experience).  I think what you are seeing is that all your traffic is being classified as P2P and put in the same queue as your bittorrent traffic.

    Try editing the floating rule for http/https traffic and changing the direction to "any" from "out".  I'm still trying to understand why that change makes a difference for me, so this might not be the correct answer, but it has worked in my experience.

    I am playing around with the same sort of setup as you, 1 wan, 1 Lan & 1 wireless net.  I am really really really impressed with the new traffic shaper and limiters in 2.0, I think you will be able to get it to do what you want.

    You might want to try and do a blanket bandwidth limit for the 1 machine that you are using bittorrent on, and only let it use 50% to 75% of your download bandwidth.  Take a look at for some tips on how to set that up.

  • I have a home made nas…it's a monster of a machine =) i based it around the norco 4020 case

    Currently it has an Intel Q9550 and 8gb of ddr2 800  with 12 1tb drives.  I used FreeBSD 7.2 as the os so i could use ZFS (i probably would have used opensolaris but the hardware support with opensolaris isn't nearly as good as freebsd and it's really hard to find a cheap jbod card for opensolaris)  and i made 3 vdevs with 4 drives each...anyways, Freebsd with zfs is great...i used zfs to make my jails (just made a zfs filesystem, put all the stuff for a base jail in it and cloned it)  and i have a jail for each thing i want to run, or try samba runs in it's own jail, mysql runs in it's own's awesome

    originally i was using torrentflux-b4rt for my torrenting...and it's a great bit of software but it's highly inefficient.  Each torrent is a separate process....because of that i really needed the traffic shaping to work correctly....well since then i've switched to rtorrent which has global settings.

    rtorrent is amazing and there is a webui called rutorrent that is REALLY nice. check it out at

    I haven't tried 2.0 in awhile....if it's working better i might have to try it's been like 3-4 months since i've used it

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