Service Watchdog and PIA

  • I have been running an installed package in pfSense 2.4.4 - p2 for a number of months (Service_Watchdog or sysutils version 1.8.6) since purchasing a subscription to PIA.

    PIA doesn't fail much but every few weeks it does usually late at night. When PIA fails, Service_Watchdog does not restart the PIA service for my install. I can manually restart by rebooting pfSense or by resetting openvpn.

    Like any suggestions the group may have on the best way to diagnose the reason that pfsense is not picking up the loss of PIA service

    I did not post is question under the title "packages" because service watchdog was not listed as one of the categories..

  • Service watchdog restarts a service which may have stopped or crashed. If the service is still running and responsive, then service watchdog has nothing to do. It doesn't monitor your connection, just the local service status.

  • Netgate Administrator

    Yes it depends how it fails. If the server gives an authentocation error the client will stop by default and the service watchdog will restart it. If it fails for some other reason and client continues to try to connect it won't help.


  • check the openvpn manual under tunnel options :

    –remote host [port] [proto]

    there is no fixing that with PIA. this is why i dropped them and never looked back. but if you follow the command i posted it will reconnect you if you set it up properly

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