Stateless DHCPv6

  • Hello,
    I'm trying to configure a pfsense firewall (2.4.4-RELEASE-p3) as stateless DHCPv6 server:
    clients obtain their IP via SLAAC, default GW via RA and only DNS/NTP settings via DHCPv6.

    If I choose "Stateless DHCP" as router mode in the "Router Advertisements" tab and I enable the DHCPv6 server with DNS/NTP info then it complains the IPv6 address range (in DHCPv6 Server tab) is mandatory.

    Why should I provide an IP range ?
    DHCPv6 server in my case should only pass DNS/NTP info to clients, not the IP address.

    Did I misunderstand something ?

  • @olaszfiu Not sure what you ended up doing but I disabled DHCPv6 and set the DNS server names in the "Router Advertisements" tab.

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