Netgate SG5100 and Qos (SIP)

  • Hi,
    just moved from 3100 to 5100 abd I am lost: How can I set my SIP/VOIP-traffic to highest priority?
    pfsense says: The specified number of connections is greater than the number of ALTQ-capable assigned interfaces!


  • Any hints? I am lost... I need priority for VOIP/SIP in one of my outgoing WAN-interfaces.

  • If you have created VLAN-based networks and assigned them to any LAN interface (ix0-ix3) but also assigned any of the interfaces directly (for example, ix0 for VOIP), the ones used directly will be excluded from the Traffic Shaper Wizard.

    The solution is to use VLANs only but leave all interfaces ix0-ix3 unassigned.

    This seems to be the case for SG-5100 but not for others like SG-3100 (I have both).

    Mixing of VLAN and direct assignment is not recommended due to security implications, but why it is excluded from Traffic Shaping wizard I am not sure. It seems to be allowed for SG-3100 although it does have a separate switch so it may not be apple-to-apple comparison.

    NOTE: The above is what I had to do in my setup; if you don't use VLANs though then the above would not apply and something else would be to blame.

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