how to connect the PFsense to another LAN firewall

  • Dears,

    we have our firewall Cyberoam up and running and there is an active VPN IPsec
    we need to change our firewall to PFsense but we need to keep the active VPN on the old firewall
    how to connect the pfsense to the cyberoam and keep all needed traffic to the connected vpn on the cyberoam
    so we need to handle all the normal traffic from pfsense and the VPN traffic direct it to the IPsec on cyberoam.

    i tested to create a getway to be cyberoam and direct all traffic to it
    but it pass the Pfsense to cyberoam but didnot direct to VPN and drop

  • I have solved this issue with static route and assign the gateway the IP of the second firewall

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    Took you since june to do that? ;) This is connection is via a transit network I hope, you don't have hosts on the network your using to connect to your downstream?

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