Multi-WAN on a stick

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    What does not work? What should work? What are you trying to achieve? There's no real WAN there, your "WAN" interface is empty as you don't have anything on em0. Those two VLANs sound more like other LANs. So you want multi-WAN throught those two other LANs?

    Just dropping a pic with no explanation and "help" doesn't help us or you, sorry.

  • routerA and routerB is wan interfaces.
    routerA and routerB is activated dhcp server.
    so i think, "gamevlan100 & videovlan200 interface will be auto ip-assigned" .
    but vlan interfaces has not ip, and not access interface.
    help me to the end.

    • my english is bad, sorry.

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    routerA and routerB is activated dhcp server.

    That's error prone. Don't use DHCP to assign IPs for a WAN-type interface if you can avoid it. Use static IPs that are not in use by the IP Pool of net A or net B and aren't in use.
    Also those two interfaces need the gateways router A/B.

    You should have used WAN for VLAN100 on em0 and WAN2 for VLAN200 on em0. Defining WAN without anything may result in errors as it is the default internal WAN IF.

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