similar app to Discovery - DNS-SD browser for macOS

  • It exists a utility Discovery - DNS-SD browser for macOS from
    It allows to see all Bonjour services on LAN.

    Is there something similar for pfSense?

    There is also Zeroconf Menu. A simple menu bar app providing links to available Zeroconf/Bonjour network resources.

    I installed package avahi and tried "avahi-browse --all", but error is "Failed to create client object: Daemon not running".
    Status/Services avahi Avahi mDNS/DNS-SD daemon is up and running (green).

    How to see and use links to Bonjour services with pfSense like with Discovery and ZeroconfMenu?

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    i found this for you
    @dennypage said in New Avahi package:

    Yes, this is intentional. There are no local mDNS browse clients for pfSense, so there isn't much use for dbus support on the firewall itself. Further dbus was the cause of a couple of significant issues, one being the minimum 5 second startup delay, and the other being a sporadic failure of Avahi to start at boot for many users.

    If you want to see what is in the network, I would recommend doing this from a general workstation or laptop in the network. This will also give you a better view into the overall functionality of reflection. There are several tools that support this. If you are a Mac user, then there is a free application called "Discovery" that is pretty nice. For a Unix based system, you can use avahi-discover (GUI) or avahi-browse (command line). I haven't used Windows in many years, but I'm sure there are some decent tools there as well.

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