How to build a test lab via virtual box:

  • Hi I need to build a test lab for practicing Pfsense virtually on a small network. can anyone help me out for the network setting in virtual box. i know how to run pfsense and other OS for lab but not able to connect them with pfsense. or please suggest me other software which can help me to understand pfsense.

  • Create your pfSense VM with two NICs: bridged for WAN, internal 'intnet1' for LAN. Create a Windows/Linux VM and put it on intnet1 as well. Use that VM to control and configure pfSense. Create other VMs to act as the LAN clients.

    That's how I do it.

  • Netgate Administrator

    There are many, many guides and YouTube videos explaining exactly how to do this.

    Which part of the process are you having a problem with?


  • i want to pfsense(virtual box) to do act like a dhcp server to the other system that are connected. because others system have same IP as well as like system 1 which is connected through pfsense has, and system 2 has same IP I am able to run GUI of pfsense in both systems and working properly. also enabled the virtual box DHCP but nothing happend.

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    These other systems are VMs in VBox connected to the internet network only?

    I would expect to setup the pfSense VM with two NICs; the WAN NIC should be bridged to the real NIC so it gets an IP in the local subnet. The LAN NIC should be internal only so other VMs can connect out through it.


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