Difference mac address on vlan

  • i want to create vlan interface with difference mac address

    my ISP provide internet on VLAN 10 and VLAN 60 PPPoE

    i connect WAN to pfsense and create VLAN interface 10,60
    set difference mac address on PPPoE setup

    but my ISP still see i try to connect with same mac address

  • @ton11797

    You can't change the MAC for VLANs. The MAC address is determined by the hardware, though it is possible to change it, when configuring the port. VLANs have the same MAC as the native LAN. If you really need to have 2 connections via PPPoE, I suppose you could add another NIC and use a managed switch to create the VLAN. There are cheap managed switches that will do that, though you should stay away from TP-Link, as some models don't handle VLANs properly.

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