Celeron J3160 enough or step up to i3 or i5

  • Hello, I am using the Protectli FW4B for my pfSense install. I currently have a 1gbs fiber connection from AT&T and I run pfBlockerNG and Suricata for some added security. I do a decent amount of torrenting and uploading as well as streaming. I am not necessarily seeing issue but I do see CPU usage spike to >90% and to 99% sometimes. I am not sure if the Celeron is enough power or if I need to step up to one of the i3 or i5 boxes.

  • Netgate Administrator

    If you're not actually seeing any problems like high latency, packet loss or reduced throughput then probably not.

    You can probably tune Suricata and pfBlocker if it really becomes an issue.


  • @stephenw10 What is the best way to see if I am having dropped packets or high latency? I don't notice any real issues that way. I was running an rclone upload to Google Drive and was seeing CPU usage at >80% most of the time with basically no download, ran a speed test and the upload dropped to ~50MB/s and my download was about 50MB/s as well where usually both will be >100MB/s if only hitting one direction at a time. Would this be a sign as setup currently it can't rout 1gbps in both directions?

    I am using the Protectli FW4B currently and only using two ports, was also wondering if it was possible to switch use the other two ports on the box as a switch basically and extend the single LAN I have setup to them that way the PC I am using has a direct connection and doesn't have to go through an external switch.

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    I have never tested that device so I can't say.

    However running a speedtest that saturates your connection in any direction will affect TCP traffic in the other direction as it interupts the ACK packets.

    Whilst it is possible to bridge ports to put them in the same layer 2 and act as a switch it's almost always better to use an actual switch.


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