Outbound browsing with /28

  • Running Pfsense with a /28 public on a single inbound network cable and single outbound cable going to a hyper V switch, I have Hyper V running on the server connected to the Pfsense router and 3 systems that I want to separate out to different public IP addresses. And lock them down to different Public IP’s

    Can anyone provide me a link on how to do this in pfsence; I need step by step instructions.

    Will want to open up 2 ports per machine to the public IP’s


    system #1 on private 192.168.xxx.20 connected to public 38.yyy.XXX.242 opening up port 443 and port 49000

    system #2 on private 192.168.xxx.21 connected to public 38.yyy.XXX.241 opening up port 443 and port 49500

    system #3 on private 192.168.xxx.22 connected to public 38.yyy.XXX.240 opening up port 443 and port 49700

    I have set up all of the Virtual IP's already, but I don't know how to lock down a specific private ip to a specific public IP

    I think you get the picture…well, I hope I explained it clearly,
    Thanks in advance.

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    Port forward WAN connections like this:

    Destination: 38.yyy.XXX.240 port 443 Target IP 192.168.xxx.22 port 443
    Destination: 38.yyy.XXX.240 port 49700 NAT Target IP 192.168.xxx.22 port 49700
    Destination: 38.yyy.XXX.241 port 443 Target IP 192.168.xxx.21 port 443
    Destination: 38.yyy.XXX.241 port 49500 Target IP 192.168.xxx.21 port 49500
    Destination: 38.yyy.XXX.242 port 443 Target IP 192.168.xxx.20 port 443
    Destination: 38.yyy.XXX.242 port 49000 Target IP 192.168.xxx.20 port 49000

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