pfsense seems to be limiting download bandwidth

  • I just installed a new sg-1100 after my sg-1000 died a couple weeks ago. A little aggravating as my backup config would not roll out cleanly onto the new device because the new model uses vlans for all its interfaces...

    Anyway, I have noticed that all devices behind the sg-1100 seem to have their download bandwidth limited. Upload bandwidth is not limited at all...

    The sg-1100 itself is able to make full use of internet connection. If I run:
    fetch -o /dev/null

    On the sg-1100 command line I make full use of my pipe, 10MB/s

    If I do the same thing on a linux box behind the sg-1100:

    Speed maxes out at 1.2MB/s

    The same pattern holds true when using google speed test or ookla speedtest from any wired or wireless device behind the sg-1100. All download tests max out at 1.2MB/s. Upload tests make full use of the connection and max out at 10MB/s

    I don't have any limiters defined. The only traffic shaping I have in place for is for VoIP that I created with a wizard. This behavior didn't exist on my previous sg-1000, but now that I have installed the new sg-1100 I am having this issue.

    Can anyone help me shed some light?

  • @mikeybs I guess it was the VoIP traffic shaing, I removed it and download speeds are now 10MB/s

    not sure why....

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