Bind9 - zone transfers

  • Has anyone successfully setup the Bind9 package with slave zones with zone transfers.

    I have two pfSense 2.4.4 routers at different locations. One has the master zones and the other the slave.

    I'm trying to find an example since the log files are not helping me.

    Does the require manually editing the config/zone files. If so does it break the Bind GUI config?

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    you can create a slave zone in the gui just fine..not sure what exactly you need. When you create the slave you would just put in the IP of the master. And on the master you would put in the slave IPs, etc. Guess I could fire up 2 pfsense vms and do this..

    have you ever setup master/slave in bind before - all pfsense does it wrap a gui around it.. But you really should actually understand how it works..

  • Using dig in the command line I was able to verify the transfer was working.

    The log file also started displaying: Transfer completed: 1 messages, 28 records, 649 bytes

    But I'm new to the Bind GUI. There is no where to view the zone records in the slave router? I thought there would be a listing of the transferred records.

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    @watkinsufs said in Bind9 - zone transfers:

    thought there would be a listing of the transferred records.

    why would you think that?

    Its a gui around the config..

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