Site A to B to third party C requiring NAT

  • Hi,

    I have an existing, functioning site to site IPSec tunnel from our site B to a third party Site C.
    Our internal subnet:
    We NAT this to a public IP:
    Their network (single public-range IP):

    So, all traffic from our private subnet on goes to their public (but only accessible via VPN) IP of and presents as to them. This works and is stable.

    We now have a third site, site A, which is controlled by us. We need it to talk to Site C, but without building a tunnel to it, as they will only support one tunnel per customer. We also must still present this traffic as coming from
    Our internal IP range there at site A:

    How can we accomplish this in PFSense, if it's possible at all?

    Thanks for any input!

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