PPPoE Server doesn't have "service name" entry

  • Hi,

    I am planning on using PfSense as a PPPoE server for multiple clients. Due to the nature of my setup, there will be 4x separate PfSense boxes running on the same physical wire (through a managed switch). When using PfSense as a server, the entry of the "service name" is not available, meaning that when a client tries to connect, it will connect to the first PfSense box that responds to the discovery command.



    When using a PfSense to connect to a PPPoE server on it's wan connection, there is an option to enter a "service name" field, which would tell this connection which server it needs to connect to.


    Am i missing something? It seems as PfSense supports the "service name" field when connecting into a PPPoE server, however when acting a PPPoE server, it cannot support "Service Names"



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