Double /30 for wan

  • HI
    I got a specific question regarding a specific design.

    I wnt to share a fiber connection between two companies.
    My isp give me two /30 subnet and ask i got this specific design:
    I need to have one specific router on first /30 and a second one with second /30.

    I implemented a pfsense as router 1 and all entry trafic is correct but i got one issue regarding existing trafic for second subnet.

    Indeed the design i understood is to connect fiber RAD to pfsense as igb1 (wan) then i implemented igb 1 as LAN1 and IGB 2 as second subnet /30.

    For first lan implemented on igb1 all is ok.

    For second one all renty trafic is ok but when i perfomr a query i got the wrong public IP.

    Can i force second LAn to not NAT trafic to first /30 but still second one regarding that second /30 is public ip?????

    I hope my query is clear if not don't hesitate to ask for more.....

  • Finally i solve it myself using this link

    The idea is to not ANT second /subnet as it s already an Public IP subnet.

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