Trying to Force a server to use a different gateway.

  • I'm using a pfsense firewall on my network with two gateways we will call them Primary and failover. I have one server that needs to run on the failover gateway. I tried to create a LAN firewall rule that redirects that server to the failover gateway but it seems to fail. I'm newish to pfsense and need some help to figure this out.

    I created a top rule on my LAN network with

    Action PASS
    Interface LAN
    Protocol ANY
    Source <that servers ip address>
    Destination ANY
    Gateway failover

    but that server is still using the primary gateway for the firewall and not the failover.

    Any suggestions on how to go about doing this?

  • The syntax is fine. If it is the first rule on the LAN, then try clearing the states. Also check the order and status of your gateway group.

  • Thanks dotsash that fixed it for me.

  • @fr334fr4nk Can you just hard code the IP of the server to use the failover gateway. It's only one.

    Disregard, I read "doesn't fix it for me"

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