SG-1100 Bricked?

  • New to the product which has been operating fine for 3 weeks. Relocated it on LAN. Now It wont sync and I cant access it. Device reboots every 3 minutes. I have tried:

    1. Factory reset with paperclip; then ..

    2. Access to console (using sudo screen /dev/ttyUSB0 115200). I can watch device reboot but it does not present console for configurations. simply says done and automatic reboot in 15 secs. press any key to rebout now. See the problem?

    Been at this for 5 hours now. Im ready for launch. Doesn't help that I installed Ubuntu over the slaptop I used for the original install. Moving to Linux and way out of my comfort zone. ie cant get PuTTy to see console. Arrgh. Definitely need help please.


  • See this thread: Several of those units have a known issue. You can contact Netgate support for assistance.

  • Yeah, they want a support subscription before they will open the ticket. Not worth it for a single device. They point me back to the forum. I have made progress and have gained access to the cli on the unit. I am a noobie to linux so I am tripping overmyself here. But it looks like a Kernel panic on the FS. Watching it reboot I see :

    Panic: ffs_valloc: dup dup alloc

    I am currently running fsck but honestly I am out of my depth here. Could use some guidance.

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    @DDIC said in SG-1100 Bricked?:

    Yeah, they want a support subscription before they will open the ticket.

    No, they don't. Read the page more carefully.

  • Thanks I'll push that.


  • I believe they require a support subscription to help you with software releated stuff such as assisting you with configuration, firewall rules, etc., but hardware problems are covered separately and they will help you with those free of charge (especially if the hardware is still within a warranty period). In the case of SG-1100 boxes rebooting, there is a known hardware issue and they will assist you with that according to @jwt (who is the Netgate owner).

  • @bmeeks

    Made contact and opened a ticket. Thanks to the forum.

    In the end went nuclear and re-imaged device.

    Looked like the file system was off some how during reboot.

    All done. Will watch for hardware issue. But think this may be an isolated case.


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