Arpwatch -v option for CARP not working for me.

  • About a month ago, the -v option was added to the GUI for the ArpWatch package. Here's a link to that change . This is great, because it suppresses messages generated in a CARP system. However, the binary installed for Arpwatch doesn't support the -v option. So, if you check the 'Disables reporting CARP/VRRP ethernet prefixes.' box, then look at Status -> Services, you'll see that the Arpwatch daemon is stopped. It can't start because -v isn't in this version of Arpwatch.
    E.g. In a shell:-
    /usr/local/sbin/arpwatch -f -v /usr/local/arpwatch/arp_igb0.dat -i igb0 -m
    Version 2.1a15
    usage: arpwatch [-dN] [-f datafile] [-i interface] [-m email] [-n net[/width]] [-r file]
    How do I install the latest binary which supports -v ? It came out in April, the version installed by pfSense is dated Oct.2018 FWIW. ->

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