Route Traffic through two IPSEC tunnels (NAT)

  • I'm trying to route traffic from site A to B to C/D/E/F...

    Site A and B have pfSenses running. Sites C/D/E/F have different firewalls in use.
    Between site A and B I have a IPSEC tunnel.
    Site B to C/D/E/F are existing IPSEC tunnels that only allow subnets of site B to connect and cannot be changed. The subnet of site A is not allowed to connect directly to C/D/E/F. That's why I'm looking, how I could route the traffic from site A heading towards C/D/E/F and back.

    I also tried to NAT the traffic from site A on the pfSense to a small IP range of subnet B to get it accepted in the second tunnel to C/D/E/F. That seemed somehow to work, but the traffic didn't find it's way back through the tunnel B to A.

    Does anybody know, how to configure it on the two pfSense?


  • Just define a phase 2 for each of your C/D/E/F networks on the A-B tunnel (the networks are local networks for B and remote for A).

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