• Hi forum,

    I am configuring a new pfsense router that will replace my sophos one.
    My firewall has 1 WAN physical interface card, and I have it configured in Sophos to have a spoofed MAC address, in order to get the "fixed" IP address from my provider. However, I am also able to configure a second software interface on the same hardware, and NOT give it a spoofed MAC address, so this interface gets a completely dynamic IP address.

    The reason I configured this, was to have all traffic from my web site go through the first interface, and all the personal traffic go through the dynamic IP interface.

    I'm a complete noob with pfsense, so please be gentle with me :-) Please tell me how to set this up in the pfsense web interface, I kinda get lost in all the interface pages.

  • @clarifix

    It turns out this worked because the old firewall is on an ESXI with 2 virtual ethernet interfaces assigned to the same physical card.
    So... this turns out to be an ESXI trick and not a firewall trick.
    However, since this is done in software, I am still wondering if it can be done on pfSense.