• I am formatting my computer, I am struggling to decide on which windows to install.
    Windows 10 does not ask the user whether to install updates or not.Let me know your views on which to choose a version of the window.

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    Windows 7 support ends 14. January 2020, so if want that install to run longer than this I wouldn't choose it anymore.

    But as I don't like Windows 10 one bit, and with Steam supporting lot's of games on Linux I might be tempted to switch completely to Linux (my gaming Rig is the only device still running Windows here).

  • Thanks for sharing your opinion.

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    @bkdroid13 said in Windows 7 vs Windows 10??:

    Windows 10 does not ask the user whether to install updates

    Nonsense - you can turn off updates if you so desired.. There are multiple tools and methods that can be used to turn off updates, and then just manually install the ones you want.

    Or you could run this troubleshooter tool from MS

    And then just hide the updates that are available so they will not be installed. This would be the route you should take if there is some specific update causing you issues on your hardware.

    Not installing updates is bad way to look at it from a security point of view for sure.

    Why exactly do you feel that not installing updates is good idea?

    But since windows 7 is dead here very shortly - installing it would be a bad choice.. If there is something you do not like with windows 10, then as suggested - pick a different OS.. There are plenty of linux choices(distros), or roll your own if you wanted. BSD variants are also options for desktops these days. GhostBSD and TrueOS come to mind right off the top of my head.

  • I personally prefer window 7. Windows 7 holds on to tradition from previous releases such as Windows XP and Windows 98 and features a familiar, simplistic and easy to understand user interface. Want to find your program? Simply hit the Start button and find it in the list. Want to quickly add a printer or visit the control panel? Simply click the link to the right side of the Start Menu. Asides from a fancy โ€œAeroโ€ and glass look, there are no distractions that get in your way. All the important information and settings you typically want are right there, front and center.

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    @JamesAltucher said in Windows 7 vs Windows 10??:

    Want to find your program? Simply hit the Start button and find it in the list. Want to quickly add a printer or visit the control panel?

    Start Menรผ Lists got longer and longer and not every program uninstalled completely. That was a mess!
    Doing that in Win10? Easy as hell:

    • Program? -> Press "Win" and type the first letters. Bingo.
    • Printer? -> Press "Win" and type "Printer" -> First hit "Printers & Scanners" -> click and add

    Why should Win10 be "so much bloated or complicated"? Can't see that at all. And as a bonus having a windows with half-way decent hardware recognition and driver support is a real treat. Also: Dark Mode.

  • Hey. I am new to this forum. I would choose Windows 7 because Iโ€™ve been using it for a long time and got used to it. I do not like the interface in Windows 10. But I am sure that Windows 10 has better characteristics ๐Ÿ˜‰

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    And its a 10 year old OS, that has already exceeded is support model.. And will be cut off from any future patches and support in 6 months..

    If you don't like windows 10 - then pick another OS that are current and supported - there are plenty of linux and or even bsd distro's to choose from..

    All good things must come to end!

  • Much better off with Win10 from security and update standpoints. If you don't like the UI of Win10, you can always add a program like Classic Shell to give you the equivalent look and feel of Win7. That's what I did on my 2012R2 Server (which is similar to Win8.1 with its horrible Little Tikes interface). Works a treat as the Brits say.

  • Apparently the ability to pay for extended support for Windows 7 does exist. Im looking to do that for one machine here due to the software I run that wont run on 10. But everything else is going to 10 within the next few months that is not already there. I too prefer Win 7 but good things must end and we must bend to some engineers twisted way.. ๐Ÿ˜

    If you run Windows 10 and want to debloat it those tools do exist and I will say help allot!

    As Johnpoz stated above you can turn off the automatic updates fairly easily.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mWHiP9K8fQ0 we use the tool in this video on every machine.

  • You should definitely go with windows 10.

  • @ikra said in Windows 7 vs Windows 10??:

    You should definitely go with windows 10.

    Because you say so? ๐Ÿ˜€

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  • Of course, windows 10. 10 has many advantages, of course it has a lot of content to deal with, but it's worth it.

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  • Obviously Windows 10 as everyone moves with the latest version which is bug-free and secure as compared to the older version

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