CARP Problems (Two masters)

  • Hello,

    I am a professional administrator and I have a model at home with two ESXi and two virtualized PF connected to the WAN box and LAN / SYNC in Trunk with a cisco switch.

    I would like to set up CARP to guarantee good network access.
    I created a SYNC VLAN 20 interface for that.
    I created the firewall rules for the transit of this VLAN 20.
    I created a vip on the WAN and a vip on the LAN. All the pings work.
    The transfer of config data is done well between the two PFsense.
    Internet access from the LAN works.


    • The slave PFsense immediately switches to "MASTER" mode instead of "BACKUP" on both interfaces.
    • I have a high latency on the Internet connection.

    Corrections made

    • I activated the promiscuous mode on ESXi cards
    • I unchecked the boxes "Block private networks" and "Block bogon network" on all interfaces.
    • I tried with both PFsense virtual machines on the same ESXi.

    The problem is still here, you can not use the Internet properly.

    If you have an idea ?

    Thank you


    • 2x DELL ESXi 6.7U1
    • 2x VMs PFsense 2.4.4p3
    • CISCO 2960S switch

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    The SYNC interface means nothing to the MASTER/MASTER or MASTER/BACKUP status of the interfaces. MASTER/MASTER means the secondary node is not receiving the heartbeats from the MASTER on that interface.

    Please read this:

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