No internet on VMWARE LAN clients

  • I have just installed pfsense as a VM in VMWARE Fusion 10. It has 2 adapters WAN is bridge to my host PC and has been assigned an IP on that subnet by DHCP. The second interface is an internal LAB I'm setting up to learn hacking and has a static IP in a private address space.

    pfsense general setup

    DNS Servers = OpenDNS (, DNS server overide is not enabled nor is DNS Forwarder.

    I've disabled the firewall as I want a pure router at this time.

    DHCP server on the internal LAN is enabled as does assign IP addresses correctly

    DNS - I'm using DNS Resolver. Network Interfaces = All Outgoing Network interfaces = All DNSEC - Enabled DNS Query Forwarding - Enabled

    I can ping pfsense WAN and LAN interfaces from all local hosts and pfsense can also ping local LAN clients plus can ping host PC gateway/router. I can also ping external hosts (i.e. via pfsense

    But whe I try to ping google or visit I get nowhere??

    Hoping someone in the community can help?

    Thank in advance


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