Codel always shows one bucket for

  • I have Codel configured, and it does well on the dslreports buffferbloat test, but when I look at Diagnostics->Limiter Info.. it always only shows one bucket up and one bucket down with source ip and dest IP of

    Even if I load up a few simulatneous video streams on different devices to different streaming services.. Still I only see one bucket. I expect to see one bucket per long running video stream.

    Is this working and configured correctly?

    Is there some way to get the Limiter Info to show at least one actual source/dest IP that mapped into the bucket? (because in most cases there is only one)


  • Based on my limited knowledge it is working as designed.

    This is based on a single queue and scheduler; you have to setup dynamic limiters to see the individual traffic streams.

    Dynamic limiters would negate the benefits of FQ-Codel and/or Codel since each clients stream would be separate from the rest which would prevent the magic of Codel from happening since it would only see single streams.

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