Pfsense keeps crashing

  • Hi

    My Pfsense keeps crashing lately. When I use monitor to display the console (text menu), it is kind of gibberish and it does not respond to keyboard. The last thing that I remembered doing before this happened was creating a few schedules for the rules to control Internet access but I am not positively sure it is the cause.

    Can anyone give me some hints on which logs are the best to look at for this case to find the actual cause?

    By the way I have looked at the system logs using the UI but how do i filter it to show logs let say from 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM only?


  • Netgate Administrator

    Do you see a crash report after it's rebooted?

    Hit the + icon on the system logs page to bring the log filter options down. You can filter using the time field or just show more log lines and scroll through them to get back to when the crash happened.
    The system logs are limited size though, if your log is busy it may not go back far enough.


  • Hi Sir,

    Thanks for your reply.
    Sometimes a crash report is available but not all the times when PFsense crashes. I have not downloaded it yet.

    There is no + icon on the system logs but there is a filter icon. When I specify the hour like 9 which supposed to mean 9:00AM, it shows logs at exactly 9:00AM for all dates. I just want to show an hour amount of logs at certain date but not all the dates.

    How do I do this?

  • Netgate Administrator

    Download any crash reports you see. You can also check in /var/crash for old reports.

    Ah, yes I'm running a different theme on the box I was checking on. The Filter icon does the same thing.

    If you want a time range you need to use regex to specify it.


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