QoS configuration based on service or client

  • So coming from other platforms such as SonicWall, I've gotten used to configuring QoS into the classes based on bandwidth, then configuring things from there. For instance, I want to force traffic coming from my AppleTV into a higher queue, but I also want to set remote endpoints, such as my wife's online college or the VPN endpoint for work as higher as well. This way, in times of contention, I can make sure those three things get bandwidth but everything else get's throttled, for instance.
    So in SonicWall, I could just create an address object that either is the internal IP (AppleTV) or the external domain regex match and assign the queues that way. In pfSense, is there anything similar to that or a good guide on how to set something like this up?

  • QoS is probably the most difficult aspect of pfSense to understand. Start here:

    Youtube Video

    pfSense supports limiters and shapers, with several different shaping algorithms to choose from. HFSC is strong but complicated. PRIQ is simple and is usually the recommended shaper to use for new users and simple cases.

  • I will have to check it out, thanks!

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