DSCP supersedes TOS & we're editing all config's organization-wide

  • Hey, hi, all, hope all is well. Thanks to all for the great stuff (software & forums).

    We are doing a lot of work on QoS lately. It is a huge topic. Huge. It will make or break us to get it just right. We are now updating/editing all of our servers & other devices to stop using the TOS tags (for example) of "lowdelay" or "maximizereliability" any longer, and using the DSCP tags (for example) of AF24 and EF. Tethereal & tcpdump like what theyre seeing coming out of our Asterisk PBX (ie: both SIP & IAX) & our freeSwitch softswitch (ie: SIP only). I am checking to see what pfSense likes or doesn't like from there. Then, I'm checking to see what our other PBX in the colo' likes & doesn't like about what it sees coming to it through the ipSec tunnel from the office. This last item might be where I am with this (not sure).

    Some background reading:



    Any one else out there experimented with switching from TOS to DSCP? experimented with DSCP inside pfSense? know where pfSense is with its update to DSCP? or any other advice on this?

    Thanks so much.

    I will make sure to post my results back here for all.


    Jason Sjobeck

  • in 2.0 is the only options as of now. There is no more tos in the selection.
    There will be even a special inbound handling of DSCP(diffserv) configurable by the user to its needs.

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