pfSense vSphere HA multi DC

  • Hey guys,
    I'm not sure if this is the correct category for this, if not please let me know which is.

    Currently I have 1 vSphere server running with Hetzner in their Germany DC with an additional /28 IPv4 subnet. As Hetzner routes the addition subnet to the MAC address vSphere is running pfSense for routing.

    I'm thinking of adding a 2nd vSphere server in their Finland DC as a starting point to High Availability. Depending on how this goes a 3rd one will follow in their other German DC.
    I am however contemplating on what would be the best way to set this up. While I manage myself with pfSense, HA is a new beast for me to tackle.

    It seems to me, the way Hetzner has set up it's network by routing the additional subnet to the mac address there's not to many options here.
    I could setup pfSense on all vSphere servers , both with dual WAN interfaces and both pfSense boxes carrying the same 2 MAC addresses on their WAN interface. While this is not an elegant solutions this might work if the servers would've been in the same DC. However because they're not in the same DC does wouldn't work.
    This is just a solution I came up with which might be a utter garbage solution that will never work.

    I hope anyone here has any experience on this topic or with the Hetzner network (or similar) in particular.

    Thanks in advance and kind regards.

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