missing - perhaps root of several problems?

  • Hi,

    I'm not sure what role the "" is having in my and some others problems, but since searches yields some hits I thought I'd try to follow it up.

    I found several hits on this subject, here cmb is mentioning missing in a discussion concerning bandwidthd:,11053.msg61482.html#msg61482

    Interesting enough, bandwidthd has been installed in my installation of 1.2.2 too and is one of the packages not being able to start after my reboot.
    See posts for some refs:,15332.msg80487.html#msg80487,15278.msg80551.html#msg80551

    Maybe the package handling routine somehow ripped something from my system now causing other packages to fail?

    A few questions:

    Is there a pfSense troubleshooting how-to somewhere? It would be handy if there was a short guide of useful commands that users should try to reveal information and get debugging info when something is not working. I know it's FreeBSD underneath so a lot of the usual commands applies but since it's a tailored distro perhaps it would be useful if developers provide a tips and tricks guide in this area for the extra stuff built in etc.

    So far I've looked at /status.php, system loggs and done some random testing and searching through console.

    Does my problem description(s) give enough information for anybody to gimme an educated guess as the nature of my problem? Do I need to re-do my whole installation or what? Can the missing lib simply be put back in?

    My install was an initial 1.2.1 then followed by an upgrade through consol to 1.2.2, if that gives any useful info (since several posters seem to have mentioned transition between 1.2.1 and 1.2.2 to be a common denominator for problem starting).


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    For that instance, I would check this

    Either from the shell or Diagnostics > Command:

    pkg_info | grep libiconv

    If that turns up nothing, that's your problem: the package is missing.

    If it's listed as a dependency of another package, it should have reinstalled after an upgrade, but there is always the possibility that something is amiss.

    You can reinstall that like so:

    pkg_add -r libiconv

    If that errors off, you may need to remove the package on which it is depending (e.g. bandwidthd) from the console with:

    pkg_delete bandwidthd\*

    And once it's deleted there, try to reinstall it from the WebGUI

    In a case like this, there isn't any real troubleshooting procedure specific to pfSense, since it may be somewhat of a FreeBSD package issue.

  • Thanks for your constructive answer!


  • Attention - solution after trial and error.

    I have now, one after the another, installed previously removed packages and after each re-install I tried to start imspector (which is one of the packages that don't start).

    When I came to FreeSWITCH (which I saved for last due to size/install time) suddenly imspector started.

    My conclusion after trial and error is then that FreeSWITCH removed something crucial to the other packages when I removed it earlier.


  • Moving this to the packages section and hoping that mcrane will see it as this is something he should know about.

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