Squid Use Radius with Win2k3 IAS

  • What do i Need to set in Internet Authentication Service(IAS) In 2k3 server

    I already try to use same setting that work with captive portal and also PPTP

    But i want proxy to authenticate using radius in my 2k3 domain

    What remote access policy and setting in IAS also do i need?

    How about my squid what do i need to set up in addition to radius server IP and secret key?


    I have already try to search including in google but no solution.

    Thankyou again

    Sorry for my english i'm not native

  • If you have PPTP using Radius with W2k3 IAS all you need to do is create another Remote Access Policy and change "Service-Type" to "Login" in the "Advanced" tab of the "Edit Dial-in Profile" window.

    You should be receiving error messages in the event logs about receiving the request for authentication.

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