Unable to find *.so libraries after power loss?

  • So I'm running the latest version of Pfsense on a Core i5 Mini-PC and a 32GB SSD/4GB of RAM, 4 ethernet ports. The router is used in my new store, which we're still working on.
    So today I accidentally switched off the wrong power group, guess what was on that group... But after I switched it back on, I could not obtain an IP address (WiFi is managed via an AP).

    So I connected a screen to the router, and saw that a lot of *.so files failed to load...

    Luckily I have been able to just re-install while keeping the configuration (YES!), so everything is working perfectly fine again...

    But how could this happen? I've used pfSense for a pretty long time on my VMWare ESXi machines, and I've powered those Pfsense VMs off without any issues, so what went wrong here?

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    @SparkyRih said in Unable to find *.so libraries after power loss?:

    so what went wrong here?

    Disk corruption.. As to why you never saw the issue on VM.. those are way different then hardware..

    Yeah hard powering off pfsense, not going to be a good idea..

  • I would expect software like this to handle a power failre, not?

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    Why? Its running on freebsd.. Sudden loss of power is never good for any OS.. You could use ZFS vs UFS - suppose to be way better for this sort of thing.

    UFS is never been know for good handling of sudden power loss.

  • Yeah, now that you mention that... I've never looked into which filesystem it was running :P Well, I've downloaded my config file, and will keep a USB stick ready just in case :D

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    Put it on a UPS would be good idea as well!

  • I do need one anyway, especially for the camera system, but that's a late rproject… I'll take the risk for now :)

  • @SparkyRih said in Unable to find *.so libraries after power loss?:

    I would expect software like this to handle a power failre, not?

    This sofware is actually an OS, using a writable disk storage.
    Try ripping out the power of any OS (one from Microsoft, Apple, any Linux based one) and you have big chances it will complain when you reboot.

    If pfSense was ROMable with some RAM as a scratch pad, like your ISP router/modem device, than it would handle better power outages.

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