HFSC Traffic Shaper Bandwidth Control for Guest Network

  • Hey guys, I have set up a HFSC TC for my whole network and it works just amazing. Perfect Pings in VoIP and Games even if you try to Hunt down everything with several Up and Download tests.

    I want to limit the Bandwidth for my guests to X kbit/s. I can do that in the Captive Portal Settings, but I want to share all my unused Bandwidth for my guests. So I have created a qGuest in my download Interface for HFSC and added a Floating Rule for all Traffic from the Guest Network. For testing i have set 1% Bandwidth for this queue and selected Explicit Congestion Notification and B/W Share m2 to 1%.

    It seems to work. If I monitor the queues, every bit of traffic generated in the Guest Network goes into the qGuest. But if I start a download in my main LAN and start a Downloadtest in my Guest Network, the Downlodtest in my Guestnetwork sucks 50% of the entire Bandwidth. The idea is to guarantee the guests X kbit/s and give all unused Bandwidth to them, but if i start a Download, the Guest speed should immediately drop down to X kbits.

    How can i set up this?