Question regarding /29 public IP

  • Hey Guys.
    After been running Mikrotik for several years its time for something new - So I just bough a XG-7100-1U
    I've managed to get it up and running pretty well, with all my different VLAN
    But I'm in doubt here.
    My Primary IP XX.XX.XX.98/29 - so how do I add these public IPs the right way for beeing able to add rules depending on which incomming WAN IP the request is since I have several Zones for different IP's
    main IP XX.XX.XX.98/29 -
    V IP1 XX.XX.XX.99 - Mailsystem1
    V IP2 XX.XX.XX.100 - mailsystem2
    V IP3 XX.XX.XX.101 - Backupsystem1
    V IP4 XX.XX.XX.102 - Backupsystem2
    (V IP = Virtual IP)
    My ISP delivers the /29 subnet to my router, so in doubt its a virtual IP or a ALIAS
    Thansk in advance

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    If you the /29 is attached to your wan... Then yes you would create vips for the other IPs you can use out of that /29 and setup your port forwards or 1:1 nats with those vips. And whatever rules you want to apply.

  • LAYER 8

    XG-7100-1U ... envy that grows šŸ¤¤
    and don't forget Firewall / NAT / Outbound to set the correct ip to go out for every VLAN

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