Pfsense box reach the remote network

  • I have 2 pfsense boxes and an IPSEC between the two boxes. I wold like to reach the remote network from the pfsens box. Is it possible?

  • A VPN is intend to reach a remote network device through a secure tunnel across an insecure network.
    Of course that's possible.

    Configure the IPSec phase 2 on both sites according to your networks and add firewall rules to allow the desired access.

  • Thank you for your reply! I have two subnets and These two subnets are connected via IPSEC with two pfsense box and lan address. From these subnets the computers can communicate.
    I would like to reach the subnet from the pfsense box which serving the IPSEC tunnel.

  • The IPSec setup is explained well and detailed in the docs:

    In short, assuming you have
    Site1 with LAN:

    Site2 with LAN:

    So set the phase 2 at site 1:
    Local Network:
    Remote Network:

    At site 2 set the phase 2 the other way round:
    Local Network:
    Remote Network:

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