Please, please, pretty please enable support for ASIX based USB ethernet adapter

  • Hi,

    for me, this is a total show stopper: I have a VM which is supposed to run pfSense, with three dedicated USB ethernet adapters, which will only be used by pfSense, while the host OS is going to use the sole built-in ethernet device. Communication between hostOS and pfSense will go out one USB ethernet adapter, to a switch, and back in the built-in ethernet adapter, i.e. truly as if they were two different machines.

    However, even though ASIX based devices are supported in FreeBSD 7.1 (incl. the Apple USB Ethernet adapters that I am trying to use if the code at is any indication, pfSense will not see these devices.

    Please enable this, this should be trivial, please, please!!! Without this, I can't use pfSense at all.

    Thanks in advance!

  • Just to clarify: I can, temporarily for testing purposes, add these adapters to the host OS, and then assign them through hardware emulation to pfSense's VM.
    However, this reduces performance, and also since I want to use the VM approach to test a future dedicated hardware setup, which will use these USB devices directly attached to a cheap nettop or netbook with pfSense running in native mode on that computer, this temporary workaround will not be possible, then.