Does the Dell 19.5v 65w power supply work with the HP T620?

  • I have a bunch of Dell latitude new and older style 19.5v 65w power supply which matches the HP T620 specs, the plug looks very similar and it fits as normal. I'm almost certain that they are also all center positive as most things are. I plugged it in everything fits as it should but no power.

    I just recieved this machine from ebay. I'm hoping I didn't received a DOA. Checking here before spending another 20 bucks on a power supply on a DOA unit.

    tried the 95w and even the 165w docking station adapter and no go. went ahead and ordered an OEM one recommended by another post here.

  • I have not tried the 620 but Dell chargers will not charge HP laptops so I would say you need a HP charger

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