IPsec with AWS

  • Hello all.

    I have an IPsec tunnel with a tinyAWS pfSense to my local pfSense . I have one port bind to a VM and can ping a cross the VPN but I cannot default out the AWS static IP.

    I would like the local traffic to DIA out the AWS pfSense box. I have disabled source/dest check and a few other steps. Has anyone set up an AWS pfSense as a DIA internet gateway?


  • I have an IPSEC tunnel set up. I even went and set up bidirectional rules for IPSEC. The problem I am having is that when I ping my host, in my VPC, it send that ICMP traffic to my LAN interface and not the IPSEC interface as it is should have (per the policy based rules). I had several peers overlook my rules and all said it should work.

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